What is a PTZ Security Camera?

Year after year new security cameras emerges to provide different solutions for security and protection. Among all the cameras that exist, a PTZ camera is often the most asked about and misunderstood. Many people are still confused as to the specific operational use of this type of camera, but, what does PTZ camera meanTo choose the most appropriate option here we consider what these cameras do and cater to specifically.

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Logitech's PTZ camera

A PTZ security camera means a Pan-tilt-zoom security camera. To understand this, we must consider that not all security cameras have the ability to move. Many security cameras today are simply installed to be able to offer one particular view.

If these cameras need to be moved, the user must move them manually. A PTZ camera is one of those cameras that do not have this type of inconvenience. This type of camera provides an excellent ability to move by providing the ability to rotate. This panning capability can cover a larger amount of ground. 

This is usually very efficient when it comes to covering large extensions of land such as a street or an avenue. These cameras can also provide the ability to tilt to complement the previous movement. This makes it possible to detect and focus on different targets. (1)

People who are performing monitoring activities can zoom in and out with these security cameras. This is one of the best solutions in safety and security because of the motion capability they can offer.

Best Places for a PTZ Security Camera

PTZ camera on the streetsThese security cameras are a great solution for keeping an eye on dangerous areas. Many major cities around the world have these types of security cameras. Governments often deploy these security cameras on the streets of a city.

People in charge of remote surveillance are more mobile. A single camera can cover a larger area. This allows different security forces such as the police to exercise much more efficient control in a city or other important places.

All the people who are in charge of remote surveillance have a greater surveillance capability.

The motion capabilities are usually more than convenient and provide some advantages. The budget needed to complement a surveillance system is significantly lower. Far fewer cameras are needed since each camera can cover a larger area. 

Instead of using two cameras facing opposite sides, a single PTZ camera can be installed. Each of these security cameras will be able to offer full visibility to different locations. The downside of these security cameras is that a video surveillance company is required.

When this type of security camera does not have a person in charge of the surveillance then the functionality is again the same as a conventional security camera and without the ability to move. It is still one of the best security cameras available today.


These security cameras may not be the best solution for efficiently monitoring the interior of a home. The best use of a PTZ security camera is when it is installed on a street, on an avenue, in a building, in a mansion, or in open places.

All of these places may require an efficient surveillance system that is complemented by security equipment. A very common example is that of the most important cities in the world that decide to install many PTZ security cameras. This camera is combined with the surveillance of the police or different security forces to have a good protection of the citizens. (2)


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(2) security equipment – https://www.thomasnet.com/articles/plant-facility-equipment/about-security-equipment-supplies/

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