What is Guardline?

Guardline is a manufacturer of a device that specializes in a particular model that works as an outdoor motion sensor. This device is responsible for detecting the movement of large animals, vehicles, or people. It has a variety of receivers and sensors an isinstalled on the outside of a home. 

A lot of people ask themselves: what is Guardline? It is a valid question since it is one of the most popular devices used to improve a home’s security.

This electronic implementation is very new and is used on the outside of a home. People can see any movement of a person, large object, or vehicle. Below we are going to answer this question in more detail.

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What is a Guardline?

guardline device

Guardline is one of the manufacturers responsible for the development of electronic implements for the security of a home or any place. Whenever it comes to offering more security to a home, these electronic devices incorporate different sensors.

What does Guardline include?

Motion Sensor

This type of device incorporates a motion sensor among its main electronics. Using a receiver and a transmitter, this device can detect all kinds of movements. (1)

motion sensor guardline

The person has the ability of incorporating one or several motion detectors for blind spots in a home. This device manages to detect the movement of people or large animals. Even if it is a car or vehicle, movement can also be detected. 

Operating Range

This device consists of two main components, which are the sensor and the receiver. The connection between them can have a distance of up to 500 feet. A sensor can be located anywhere in a home. After that, when the sensor detects any movement, it will send a signal to the receivers.

operating range guardline

Check this youtube video for the two main components (sensor and receiver).


The structure of this device is usually manufactured with a waterproof coating. It is important because this is an implement that is used on the outside of a home.

structure guardline

This device’s waterproof structure prevents rain and other weather factors from deteriorating the performance of this motion sensor. Inside the home, the receiver will provide a specific signal, which in most cases is a sound signal. (2)

Final words

We hope this rundown clears up what Guardline is. It is a device that is used to optimize the security of a home. It simply detects the movement of people, cars, or large animals.

The different features of this device are intended to optimize the detection of movement in outdoor areas. Do you have any comments or questions? You could leave your comment below and share the article if you liked it. 

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(2) signal – https://www.tutorialspoint.com/signals_and_systems/signals_classification.htm

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