What is the Average Cost to Install a Storm Door?

When a family lives in an area with a difficult climate, a storm door can be a big relief. These types of doors are responsible for preventing general damage to the interior of the home by avoiding the damage that a major storm can produce. Any home can be better protected from ice, snow, and rain.

All those who need to have a storm door installed should have a budget between $250 and $800. It depends on the type of storm door the user chooses.

A standard mid-level option with few upgrades requires $350. Some people may need as much as $950 for a full view door with many upgrades and tempered glass. If you want to learn more about this, pay attention to the different types of storm doors that we are going to discuss. 

And if you are on a budget and you have already a storm door installed and all you need to do is for it to have it clean up, here’s our tip on how to clean old aluminum storm doors for you to save some money.

For questions such as how each storm door plays fair in the market nowadays in terms of price and features, see answer here!

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Storm Door Types and Costs

Prices may increase or decrease depending on the characteristics of the main storm doors. Considering the type of door is important for a given installation budget.

  • Mid-View: This option requires $150 to $250 to install. It usually incorporates a divided glass panel that provides coverage of most of the door surface. This allows a cat door to be installed for added convenience for a family.
  • High-View: This type of door allows viewing through the top section. A budget of $150 to $250 is required. The solid base is maintained while the top section features a glass panel. A flap can also be installed at the bottom for added pet comfort. (1)
  • Full-View: The budget needed for this type of door starts at $200 and can go up to $450. A glass panel covers the entry door and it is a glass panel that is divided.
  • Ventilating: This incorporates a glass panel that can be retracted and slid to one side to allow air to pass through. This improves the airflow of a home and provides greater satisfaction for the family. A budget of $300 to $500 may be needed.
  • Security: This type of door can provide some additional security for the family. It usually incorporates keyed locks and metal bars among its design. The budget needed starts at $350 and can go up to $700. It is a barrier that will protect all members of the household from the weather and intruders.
  • Double: This is a door that is twice the size of regular storm doors. Logically, the price is also double requiring $600 up to $1000 on some occasions. The functionality of this type of door is similar to the previous doors. 

Final Words

Any of the storm doors we have mentioned can offer some type of protection against the harshest weather conditions. The options are more than ample for people’s varying budgets.

A security storm door can be one of the most comprehensive ways to protect a family. This type of door can protect in a variety of ways. While choosing one of the other options also provides added convenience to the home. 


(1) glass panel – https://www.slideshare.net/feastriddle43/what-is-glass-panel

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