What Security Camera is Better: 1080P or 4K?

When it comes to choosing the best security camera there is a wide variety of options that are available today. The sheer number of options could also be a major obstacle to making the right decision.

Many users are not aware of the features of each security camera. The main features of a security camera with 1080p or 4k resolution vary. This can enable us to choose the best security camera depending on the needs of each user. 

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Features of 1080 pixel security camera

AMTIFO W2 HD 1080P Wireless Outdoor/Indoor Security CameraThis kind of security camera can offer great functionality to users. It is necessary to consider that the different features that can be included in a 1080 pixel resolution security camera are the same features that can be found in 4k resolution. (1)

The most important aspect to consider is the storage required for each of these options. A security camera with a Full HD 1080 pixel resolution will most likely require less storage compared to 4k resolution.

This is a great advantage because a smaller budget is required when it comes to storage. These types of security cameras are more versatile when it comes to functionality with different devices.

There is a disadvantage to these security cameras compared to 4k security cameras. The most obvious disadvantage in this regard is that security cameras with Full HD resolution have a lower image sharpness and quality. This may seem logical and obvious.

When it comes to security, a lower resolution image means less security capability. When a crime occurs, the analysis of the images is much more difficult with a 1080 pixel Full HD resolution security camera.

4k security camera features

Amcrest UltraHD 4K (8MP) Outdoor Bullet POE IP CameraOne of the most versatile and innovative security cameras these days is undoubtedly a security camera with this resolution. Most of the additional features are similar between a 4k security camera and one that features Full HD 1080 pixel resolution.

A 4k security camera requires a larger amount of storage. When image recording is required, this aspect is one of the most relevant. The budget required to operate a 4k security camera also increases exorbitantly.

There is a great advantage of a 4k security camera and it is specifically in the images. Each of the images obtained by these security cameras is some of the sharpest and clearest on the market. This provides a great advantage when it comes to analyzing different images.

When a criminal event occurs, the analysis of the 4k resolution recordings is much easier. The smallest details of each image are much easier to see at a glance. (2)

Another important point is that a single 4k security camera can provide the performance of two Full HD security cameras. This means that one 4k security camera can be very convenient for monitoring large open areas.

Comparison between a 1080p and 4k security camera

AMTIFO 1080p and Amcrest UltraHD 4K security camera
  • Budget: A larger storage memory budget is required for a 4k security camera.
  • Range: A 4k security camera is more suitable for monitoring large expanses.
  • Image quality: 4k security cameras can provide the sharpest and clearest images on the market.
  • Additional features: The additional features that each of these cameras can include are virtually the same.
  • 1080p security camera: These security cameras are much more convenient for enclosed places such as rooms in a home, offices, or enclosed spaces in a building, among other places.
  • 4k security cameras: This option is much more convenient and versatile for monitoring large areas with a single camera.

As we discuss here the comparison for a 1080p and 4k resolution, we also recommend checking this learning guide talking about how much space does a 4k security camera take.

Wrapping up

Each of these security cameras can be better than the other depending on the specific use. The uses of security cameras vary depending on the location to be monitored.

Security cameras with a Full HD 1080 pixel resolution are more suitable for enclosed places. Good image recording can be obtained without requiring a huge amount of storage memory.

Those security cameras with 4k resolution prove to be highly efficient for overly large areas. This is a great solution to avoid placing many security cameras with Full HD resolution. This also allows you to lower the overall costs of a surveillance system. 


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