What Temperature Should a Dehumidifier be Set at in a Gun Safe

Now if you have read out other articles you understand why putting a dehumidifier in a gun safe is essential. The next question is, what is the appropriate temperature to set in a dehumidifier?

Putting a dehumidifier alone in your safe does not resolve the moisture problem. Too much moisture will corrode the metal parts. And too little humidity will damage the wood components of your ammunition. Ergo, not setting the proper temperature can be bad for your firearms. And that is very dangerous.

If you live in a place with high humidity or inconsistent moisture, you will find it hard to set the temperature. Here, we will help you address this concern to make sure that your weapons are kept in good condition. But before that, here’s your best gun safe dehumidifier guide!

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What temperature should a dehumidifier be set at in a gun safe?

A gun safe is helpful for more than just storing weapons. It is also to preserve and maintain the weapon’s value. However, when locked within a certain period, it can be infested with various elements that can degrade its quality.

It is then when a gun storage humidifier comes in.

What should I set my gun-safe dehumidifier at? The most comfortable operation to input in a safe dehumidifier is between 50% to 60%. That will release a warmth that will keep the molds and dust out of the safe.

Moreover, the National Rifle Association (NRA) concludes that gun storage’s best temperature and humidity are 30% to 50% humidity. And coordinate it well by setting a room temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit. (1, 2)

Check more here on what humidity should a gun safe be at!

What will happen if the dehumidifier is not set at the right temperature?

temperature deviceHumidity levels that are too high can cause mold to develop in your gun safe. And the hotter the temperature, the more moisture it can hold. Then it will go into your firearms which can cause malfunctions. As guns are a valuable possession, you would not want them to be affected by molds or smudges as much as possible.

Additionally, lower humidity raises evaporation, which reduces the temperature and causes sensible cooling. (3)

That said, humidity depends on the level of temperature in the atmosphere. And it is a year-round situation.

What is the possibility that your gun safe is exposed to extreme humidity?

The response to the question depends on where you live and where you keep your storage. Or where you place the dehumidifier in a gun safe.

Using an HVAC system to monitor humidity in your home will solve this problem. That is because hotness and coolness are regulated by this system.

Depending on your location, say you live in a coastal town, your weapons would almost certainly rust. That is due to the salty wind swirling through the area. And if your house is in an appropriate temperature range where metal condenses, it is protected. However, it is safe to use a temperature and humidity management system or device to regulate the room’s temperature.


Failing to set the recommended temperature in a gun safe dehumidifier will definitely cause a problem. Your safe will grow mold and rust that will go inside the gun’s components. And this could be very dangerous.

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Here’s an additional learning guide on how to measure a dehumidifier for a gun safe. Until our next article!


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