Where do Security Cameras go in a Business?

The best place a security camera can go for a business is in the entrance or exit of a company, however, there are many other areas that may be suitable for your particular situation, below we’ll go into more detail on these exact spots.

But before that, you may want to check how much do security cameras cost for a business as this entails money, especially for startup businesses.

You may also see the best security cameras for business reviews for your further comparison before deciding which security camera fits your business.

Best Places to Install Security Cameras

When it comes to installing security cameras, you should think about all the additional devices. Security cameras are usually installed together with surveillance equipment, network components, and many other materials. This means that security cameras do not work without additional elements. The most recommended locations are:

  • Entrances and exits
  • The reception area
  • File storage
  • Storage of company assets

These four locations are the most recommended when it comes to starting to use a surveillance system that incorporates security cameras. It is about choosing those places that can cover many dangerous blind spots. (1)

1. Company entrances and exits

entrance area of a buildingA surveillance system needs to monitor and have images of every single person entering and leaving a company. Choosing each of the entrances and exits of a company’s premises is the first recommended site. When a criminal event happens the recordings of a CCTV system are the main evidence.

This evidence is often used to find those responsible for a robbery or any other dangerous situation. Even entrances and exits with security cameras often deter criminals from carrying out a robbery or something illegal. (2)

2. Reception area

reception areaA reception area is not space where different items of great value are held. This place tends to be highly targeted due to the large number of people who tend to be in this space. The reception area of a company is one of the places through which all people part of the company must pass.

Security cameras that can record images are perfect for this area of the company. Each of the faces of the people entering the reception area will be recorded. This is very useful when it comes to tracking down the perpetrators of a crime or any intruder.

3. File storage

file storage areaInformation is one of the most important resources of a company. Information is no longer stored physically as it was several decades ago.

Information is stored digitally in different servers and computer equipment that the company has. A security camera must be used in the room where this type of equipment may be located.

4. Storage of company’s goods

company storage areaThe companies that are dedicated to commercializing certain products usually have a warehouse. This type of space is usually highly coveted by thieves who want to take the items within. Installing a security camera in this type of space can provide a high level of protection for any of the company’s goods.

5. Ideal height

wall areaWhen it comes to achieving the ideal height for the installation of a security camera, there is a certain optimum range. This range can be between 2.5 meters and 5 meters.

Inside a company, the ceiling or the highest part of a wall is the best option. This allows a larger surveillance area to be covered while preventing the security cameras from being a bit more vulnerable. 

Final words

Installing security cameras can be very important and very simple at the same time. To choose the most important places, it is necessary to consider which are the most important spaces of a company.


(1) surveillance system – https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/computer-science/surveillance-technology
(2) illegal – https://www.aclu.org/other/faces-surveillance-targets-illegal-spying

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